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  1. KM8001-3
  2. KM8001-3


  • No.:KM8001-3
  • Brand :KING MAX
  • Price:-

Product description: KINGMAX HV 7.4V~8.4V OUTPUT UBEC

  1. Detailed information

Output Voltage: 7.4V or 8.4V selectable 
Continuous output current: 6 Amps
Burst output current: 10Amps 
Input: 7.4V-26V 
Quiescent current: 15mA
Size: 39mm*27mm*15.5mm (L*W*H)
Weight: 25g

--Designed with an advanced switch mode DC-DC regulator IC, the max efficiency of the chip is up to 92%.
-- With the output short-circuit protection function.
-- Beautiful plastic case, reduce the electromagnetic interference.
--Safe power on with the polarity protection function. If the input polarity is not correct, the UBEC can't work, but it will not be damaged. What you need to do is just swapping the battery pack's polarity.
--Shows the working status with an indicator (LED), lights when the output is in normal range.

--With a step-down voltage regulator of 0.7V down as an accessory (From 6.0V to 5.3V).

Packing Detail:
Transparency plastic box size: 83.5mmx63.5mmx37.5mm   weight: 65.5g
Carton box size: 43x26.5x20.5cm  100sets/1CTN  Cross weight: 7kg

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